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Debate like the big boys

Forming opinions and formulating opinions, making arguments and countering them with better arguments - that was the motto in the last German double lesson of the 8IGR before the winter vacations.

After intensive preparation time in the past lessons, research and considerations, it was finally time on Thursday, 09 February - The students of the 8th grade of the International Gymnasium Reinsdorf debated. Although it was noticeable to the debaters at the beginning that there was nervousness and perhaps a certain amount of uneasiness in the room, this clearly subsided at the beginning of each debate. At the end, there was even feedback that it had been fun. On topics such as "Should unhealthy foods be taxed more heavily?" or "Should students be allowed to be on first-name terms with their teachers?" points of view were exchanged, arguments were put forward, and some of them were even backed up by scientific evidence. More debates will follow after the winter break so that the students can learn more about how to support their own ideas and positions with arguments and thus express their opinions.

Patrick Seidel - German teacher

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