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All-day offers

in the current school year


Chemical experiments are fun - everyone knows that. And many an experiment is just for fun. It will crack, stink, shine and surprise. And, of course, your knowledge of chemistry will be expanded. But don't worry, it's all about the fun of experimenting.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is often called the fairest sport in the world. It is a physical, running-intensive team sport. Here, between 5 and 7 players per team try to pass a Frisbee into the opponent's end zone and catch it there.


Here, the friends of the round leather meet to play soccer. Smaller tactical, technical and conditioning units will also be on the program. The goal is to form a competitive school team that can compete with other teams in the region.


This offer is available as a beginners' and advanced course. In the beginners' course you can try out different guitars and get to know them - here you will learn the basics of playing the guitar. In the advanced course, you have the opportunity to play in our music group.


We want to look after our 60,000 bees on the school grounds together with a beekeeper. With everything that goes with it: building hives, checking combs, spinning honey. You will learn a lot of technical knowledge in this field.


Here you will learn the basics of playing keyboard and piano, such as notes, playing simple songs, introduction to the world of rhythms and auto accompaniment and simple chords for the left hand. This course is suitable for both beginners and advanced players.

Creative workshop

The creative workshop invites interested pupils to live out and improve their artistic skills. We paint, draw, do handicrafts and work with graphic programmes to design our school building. If you enjoy crafting, painting and drawing, this is the right place for you.

Literature Cafe

What did the sorcerer's apprentice think when the brooms incessantly dragged water into the house? What happens when a language cutter suddenly takes away parts of speech from a young student? These and many other literary-creative questions will be addressed in the Literature Cafe. We read whole books together, discuss the characters and the authors, and also write short texts ourselves.

School radio

Do you like working on the PC (film and sound editing) and are you patient, persistent and reliable? Do you like to create reports, features and interviews? Do you have a great voice and pronunciation and would like to try your hand at voice-over work? Then come and join us!

Sports games

Play, play, play. Here we intensify various sports that we know from our lessons. These include floorball, bouncy ball, badminton and flag football. One sport is covered for several weeks at a time, practised, played and then a change to the next sport follows.

Cooking course

According to the title "Taste the World", our cooking course will take us across Europe and the whole world over several weeks. In addition to gaining an insight into the spices, eating habits and table manners typical of the country, you will also receive an introduction to regional studies. In addition, you will learn English and Spanish vocabulary with ease, as the recipes are also available in both languages for you to try at home.

Concept & Financing

All-day activities take place regularly at our school.

This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.

The pedagogical concept and other necessary GTA documents for the current school year are published on the Saxony school portal.

Language diversity

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