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The school is located in the centre of Reinsdorf and is easily accessible on foot, by bicycle, bus or car. A quiet, scenic environment allows our students to learn undisturbed. We provide a language, media and business-oriented education and create the prerequisites for vocational qualification.


The catchment area of our school extends from Reinsdorf with the districts of Vielau and Friedrichsgrün to Zwickau, Wilkau-Haßlau, Hartenstein, Langenweißbach, Wildenfels, Ortmannsdorf, Zschocken and Thierfeld.

Thanks to the high-quality equipment in our specialist cabinets, we can enable our pupils to use modern information and communication technologies properly and responsibly. Beyond the classroom, all students have a variety of opportunities to pursue their interests in study groups and courses. Contacts with social institutions, companies, clubs and other schools make school life varied and practical.

The school complex consists of an old building, a new building and a sports hall in Schachtstraße. The school offers very good spatial conditions and state-of-the-art equipment for optimal teaching and learning conditions.

Sports facility

The municipality of Reinsdorf has a wide range of sports facilities. All three districts have their own sports fields, whereby Reinsdorf and Vielau also have a separate grass football field. Each of the three districts also has its own gymnasium.
In Reinsdorf there is a sports complex on Schachtstraße consisting of a gymnasium, bowling alley and all-weather sports field. A traffic garden was built in the immediate vicinity of the facilities. Furthermore, a tennis facility with two courts and the possibility of expanding to five courts was created here.

Video insights into the classrooms

Chemistry Cabinet

Chemistry is what pops and stinks, physics is what never ...
Let's see if this stinks ... er succeeds:

Physics Cabinet

Sometimes it also succeeds in physics.

Biology Cabinet

If anyone is still alive now, it will be studied in biology.

Geography Cabinet

Above the clouds, the world seems to be without borders ... we learn everything about the world and the clouds in geography.

German Cabinet

Does Schiller's glove fit over Goethe's Faust? Who came down and who sank down? German lessons can make you dizzy from time to time.

Computer cabinet

This is where true programming geniuses, Excel lovers and PowerPoint specialists are born.

Ethics Cabinet

Is that still ethically justifiable?

Art Cabinet

I'd rather do art. By the way, we regularly take part in art competitions.

Practical lessons

Not only art, but also crafts have a firm place in our curriculum.

School kitchen

But some curricula also allow for creativity of a completely different kind. We go to the favourite room of our waffle and biscuit bakers.

School club

When the school day is over and we still have to wait a little for the bus, we can chill or play with our friends in the school club.

Leisure activities

The schoolyard with various sports facilities, especially football and basketball, can be used. In addition, the students have access to a lovingly furnished library.

In addition to the sports and leisure facilities already mentioned, the young people of the municipality have access to a youth club in the "Erlenwald" in the district of Vielau, the youth centre in the Friedrichsgrüner Park and the club house in the district of Reinsdorf. In addition, there are a total of 34 clubs and associations in the municipality, which also offer children and young people in particular meaningful and good opportunities for leisure activities.

Language diversity

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