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House rules

of the international grammar school and the international secondary school Reinsdorf

Pupils and adults form a community in our schools which is characterised by respect for each other and solidarity with each other. Everyone should support and help each other so that the school's mission of imparting knowledge and learning as well as acquiring social ways of thinking and behaving succeeds. Therefore, there are rights and duties for everyone when it comes to living together at school.

Our house rules

  1. All students come to class on time, which means they are in the classroom 5 minutes before class starts to prepare for class.

  2. The visible wearing of school clothing is compulsory for all pupils.

  3. Pupils are not permitted to leave the school grounds during lessons that are on the timetable (expiry of insurance cover!). This applies to both free periods and breaks. If written permission has been given by parents to leave the school grounds during free periods (including preceding or following breaks), pupils from grade 9 onwards may leave the school grounds. In this case, the parents assume responsibility for the waiver of supervision and insurance on the part of the school. The written permission of the parents is only valid for the current school year.

  4. When learning, everyone does their best and does not disturb the lessons. Students keep order, complete homework regularly and treat all work materials with care.
  5. School property and the property of others will be respected by all pupils. Willful destruction and damage will be repaired by the student if possible. If the damage cannot be repaired by the student, the parents of the student concerned will be held financially liable for the repair of the damage.

  6. During short breaks, students stay in the classroom under the supervision of the subject teacher. Appropriate behaviour must be maintained during the break.

  7. All pupils leave the school building during the long breaks, weather permitting. Exceptions are only made for students in the 11th and 12th grades after consultation with the school administration and tutors.

  8. Pupils who take part in the break time catering behave in a disciplined manner in the dining room and pay attention to hygiene and order.

  9. The classrooms are to be left swept clean by the class that last used the respective room. The lights must be switched off and the windows must be closed.

  10. Conflicts of any kind are to be resolved without violence. Students who need help with mediation should contact their class teacher or liaison teacher. Students who respond with inappropriate violence will have to answer accordingly and will be subject to disciplinary action depending on the severity of the offence.

  11. Students are prohibited from bringing glass bottles, cutting, stabbing and other weapons, drugs, alcohol and tobacco products as well as lighters.

  12. The carrying or displaying of symbols and media with anti-constitutional, violence-glorifying or child-endangering content is prohibited. Violations of this kind must be reported, will result in criminal proceedings and may lead to expulsion from the school.

  13. Pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones, MP3 players, game consoles, recording devices (image and sound) of any kind in the school and on the entire school premises. Only in urgent exceptional cases and with the permission of a teacher is the use of the mobile phone permitted. In case of violation, these devices will be confiscated and must be collected from the secretary's office after the parents have confirmed that they are aware of the violation of the house rules.

  14. No liability is accepted for money and valuables. Exchanging, passing on and demanding personal items in an extortionate manner is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disciplinary action.

  15. Bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes are to be parked and secured in front of the school building in the bicycle racks or in the areas provided for this purpose. There is no liability on the part of the school.

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