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"The Erlking" in Virtual Reality

As part of the ballad theme in the German lessons of Class 7, the grammar school and high school classes were again visited by the educators of the Zwickau Puppet Theatre on Thursday, 10 February 2022.

This time, the pupils, but also some teachers, were able to enjoy a production. Using VR glasses, they were able to experience a fantastic production of Goethe's "Der Erlkönig".

The almost 20-minute presentation of the ballad as puppet theatre immersed the viewer directly in the action. One moment you were looking straight ahead, the next moment a sound came through the headphones "from behind", so that you had to turn around and see what was happening behind you through the VR glasses.

A true highlight and an extremely well-done production - that's how the students and teachers monotonously reported back.

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