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MDR provided insights into radio and broadcasting

On Tuesday, September 05, 2023, the 8IGR set off for Dresden in the early hours of the morning. The destination: the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. As part of the German lessons, we were allowed to look behind the scenes at the broadcasting station in the capital and take home a variety of impressions.

After a short tour through the different areas of radio broadcasting, students from the class were able to try their hand at the microphone themselves, cutting small recordings and adding music to them. All with the thought in mind of doing this themselves one day, since the long-term assignment for German class was given to create a podcast ourselves. Since not all questions could be answered in class, we were allowed to ask all burning and unanswered questions to an expert from MDR in a large conference room. Patiently, the podcast creator answered everything we needed to know about editing, structure, GEMA, target audience and much more. With small gifts from MDR, we then made our way to the broadcast studio of the Sachsenspiegel as a crowning finale. In the very small seeming "hall" we only stood in front of a desk and a green wall, because nowadays almost everything is turned into what we can see on TV in the evening by means of a PC.

Many thanks to MDR for all the great insights into what's happening in radio and broadcasting.

Patrick Seidel -Subject teacher for mathematics and German
Class leader 7IGR and 8IGR

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