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These are the sad remains of our stratosphere project. After the successful and much-noticed launch of our stratosphere balloon on 24.05.2022 from our schoolyard in Reinsdorf near Zwickau, the flight and tracking still went as planned. From a maximum altitude of 36km data should be collected and impressive video recordings should be made.

However, during our recovery attempt north of Bad Liebenwerda (Brandenburg), we did not find much of the probe. As the GPS data told us, it had apparently landed exactly on the B101 west of the Großer Maasdorfer Teich at around 6:00 pm.

Only the parachute and one of the wings could be recovered from the roadside.

The GPS signal had gone silent shortly after landing and the probe had been removed from the landing site. Inquiries to the local police and public reporting on Brandenburg radio have so far been unsuccessful.

After we had suddenly received the GPS signal again on 30.05.2022 under mysterious circumstances, in the meantime we got back in possession of the lifeless cover of the probe via a lot of miraculous coincidences and the committed assistance of individual citizens, first by GPS tracker and finally. Unfortunately, there is still no trace of the contents of the Styrofoam box. The Geiger counter, two cameras and the data logger are still missing.

If anyone should have got any clues about the whereabouts of the technology, we would be pleased if contact could be made with the school so that we can reach the goal of our stratosphere mission after all. Of course, we will treat all information confidentially. We are grateful for any information. Trusting in the honesty of the finders, there will of course be no criminal consequences for those who have recovered our probe in the meantime.

If, in the worst case, the technical equipment can no longer be found, we would at least appreciate the return of the memory cards (gladly anonymously in the mailbox of the school).

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with the search so far!

The course level 11 of the International Gymnasium Reinsdorf

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