Mourning for Prof. Dr. Carl H. Hahn

We were saddened to hear of the death of Prof. Dr. Carl H. Hahn. With Carl Hahn, Saxony International School - Carl Hahn gGmbH not only loses a close friend and companion, but also its dedicated namesake and brilliant educational visionary.

Merry Christmas everywhere

After two years of forced break due to Corona, we were finally allowed to hold a Christmas market again on our Reinsdorf school grounds.

On Thursday, December 08, 2022, our schoolyard and school buildings were transformed into a reflective market bustle in the midst of Advent.

Mathematics Olympiad 2022/2023

Two out of four Grade 8 high school students participated very successfully in the regional round of the 62nd District Mathematics Olympiad. Amatullah Chaklal and Jessica Bauer took 2nd and 3rd place.

The "Meeting of the green professions

With another action in the framework of our professional orientation at the school, our "Meeting of green professions" took place on 22/11/2022.

Four companies were invited to the school to present apprenticeship occupations from the so-called green occupational field to the students.

Exploration and sports day for the new fives

As part of the method days for the three new 5th grades, there was an exploration tour through Reinsdorf on Friday, 02.09.2022 at the end.

We looked together at the most important spots of the place, then had a hearty breakfast and finally walked together to the sports field.

A visit to Radio Zwickau

How is music chosen for a radio station? Who works in the background of a radio station? How much planning does an entire radio program require?

Welcome of our new 5th classes

Excited and waiting to see what the first day of school at the new facility would bring, the students of the new 5th grades stood outside the school gates.

Stratosphere balloon - Update

As you already know, there were some difficulties regarding the recovery of the memory cards. As mentioned before, thanks to your help, most of the technology has been found. However, the memory cards have remained missing for almost 14 weeks now.


These are the sad remains of our stratosphere project. After the successful and much-noticed launch of our stratosphere balloon on 24.05.2022 from our schoolyard in Reinsdorf near Zwickau, the flight and tracking still went as planned. From a maximum altitude of 36km data should be collected and impressive video recordings should be made.