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Virtual open day

Unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler sowie das Lehrer-Kollegium legen sich jedes Jahr ins Zeug und überlegen sich spannende Projekte, die sie zum Tag der offenen Tür vorstellen möchten.
Auf dieser Seite zeigen wir einige Projekte aus den letzten Jahren.



Im Projekt “Balladenwerkstatt” vertieften sich die Schüler in die facettenreiche Welt verschiedener Balladen. Am ersten Tag des Projekts analysierten die Schüler Balladenklassiker wie “Der Zauberlehrling”. Am zweiten Tag nahmen die Schüler ihre Erkenntnisse aus der Analyse mit und setzten sie in die kreative Praxis um. Hierbei verfassten sie Skripte für gleich zwei Schattentheater, die auf den analysierten Balladen basierten.

Die vorbereiteten Schattentheater wurden am dritten tag fertig aufgenommen und geschnitten, um sie am Tag der offenen Tür zu präsentieren.

Fit through the winter

In this project, the pupils looked at how to get through the winter in a healthy way. Which sports are suitable for the winter months? But healthy and vitamin-rich food was not neglected either.

Cool physics experiments

How do you build a rocket? How does an underwater volcano work? The pupils explored this and much more in this project.

Geocaching - scavenger hunt with (or without) modern technology

With a compass, magnifying glass and sturdy shoes, we didn't go hunting for Pokémon but for small treasures hidden in nature.


International school means...: citizens of the world

The pupils and teachers presented their home country in this project.

Black Light Theatre

The absence of light creates a new space in which grotesque creatures and creepy figures make their mischief.

The pupils have designed such a space where nothing is as it seems.

Music source: Spotify

Immerse yourself in Cuban sounds -
Build your own Cajon

Cuba is not only known for rum and cigars - no, mambo, rumba and guaracho are also familiar to many. In this project, the students not only immersed themselves mentally in the rhythmic world of Cuba, but also built a cajon themselves, but see for yourself...

Magic of chemistry or magic with chemistry?

In this project, the pupils were able to try out experiments that are not covered in class in this way - the really big bang, a chemical clock or even the construction of a chemical lie detector.

Where the pepper grows!

We've all heard the saying "go where the pepper grows". But where is that actually? This is the question the pupils explored in this project.

The journey begins...

In this project, the students presented their personal favourite city. Come with us on a journey around the world and discover exciting countries and cities - from Paris to Rome, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mexico and Moscow.

Once around the world in sport

The students have travelled the world in sports and have tried popular sports from all over the world.

Join us on a sporty journey around the world. You're sure to find something in our video that you haven't seen yet.

Monty Python's Grandchildren - Filming Sketch Comedy

Following in the footsteps of Monty Python and Mr Bean, short English sketches were produced. Not only actors but also props makers, set designers, camera operators and sound engineers were needed.

Here you can get to know our everyday school life - have fun!


Our sun - born from dust, shining brightly and glowing hotly to freeze to stone in the end. A journey through time.

The pupils have designed their own website for this project with lots of information about the sun. At the end, you can test your knowledge in a quiz. You can access the website here.  

Fair Trade - What is it and what can we do for it?

How does fair trade work, how can I recognise products that come from fair trade? How can I do something for the environment? - These questions were addressed in this project.

How a cocoa bean becomes chocolate, where the cocoa bean is grown and how the cocoa farmers live - all this can be seen in the following video. For a good mood, switch on the loudspeaker...

Saxony in the EU

The pupils learned how exciting the work in the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament is and faced the question of whether and how national and European interests can find a compromise.

Cooking with Teachers

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