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Physics cabinet planetary system

We, class 8IGR, started our science profile project about the solar system on March 1. Our goal was to creatively explore the solar system and then present it in the physics room. Before the creative work began, we dealt theoretically with the individual planets. We did this to determine the appropriate materials for our project.

After the materials arrived, the "fun" part of the project began, painting. We painted the styrofoam balls in small groups of the class. Thus, piece by piece, our planetary system was created. While painting, we noticed that the sun would be relatively much too big for our physics room, so we decided to paint the wall according to the colors of the sun. However, this did not work out well because we did not have any suitable colors available.

 A pastel yellow, pink red and a bright orange were our choices. So we started to get creative. We mixed the colors according to our wishes and managed to represent the sun on our wall.

Meanwhile, the other group of the class was busy measuring the distances of the planets and scaled the measurements down to room size.

Now the planets just had to be hung up. So we set about drawing crosses on the ceiling and got help from the janitor, who put hooks on the marked spots.

To finish the planetary system, we just had to put strings on each planet and hang them on the given hooks. The final task will now be to create a timeline about the history of space travel.

Vivien Haupt, Jessica Bauer

- Class 8IGR

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